Husband and wife team Liz en Joris started the Kilo Sale in Zeeland to offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.


Clothing is a basic necessity of life, but it has become a disposable product due to the overconsumption of (ultra)fast fashion. Every day, billions of pieces of clothing are produced, bought and thrown away, causing severe damage to our world, our water, the air we breathe.

Our mission is to raise awareness and inspire change.

Each item of clothing you buy at Kilo Sale Zeeland, is one less piece of clothing that ends up on a landfill in Africa or South America.

Join the Slow Fashion movement


Buy second-hand/vintage clothing instead of new

Invest in sustainable quality and materials


Buy consciously, and buy less

Learn how to care for and repair your clothes so they last longer

If you're not wearing it, upcycle it, pass it on, sell it, donate it or swap it instead of throwing it away so it doesn't end up on a landfill.